Track and Accent Lighting

Track and Accent Lighting Has Come of Age!

About Lighting in General

Accent lighting is a form of lighting used most commonly for illuminating walks with subtle light. However, this form of lighting can also be used to highlight key objects and focal points in the home or surrounding landscape. The addition of accent lighting updates the look of a room. Accent Lighting will give the feeling of a more open and livable space as well as adding drama to a room.

Create visually dramatic scenes by playing up angles and alcoves or play with shadows and light to create the perfect mood. Illuminate cabinets, artwork, architecture, landscaping, swimming pools, and more with the simple touch of accent or track lighting.

Track lighting is a contemporary fixture that is as perfect for new construction as it is for renewed spaces in existing homes. Tracks are versatile, allowing flexibility in sizing, placement and fixture styles.

Instead of the clunky tracks and head lights, today's track lights have many options for both the track itself as well as the size, style, and color of the light fixtures. Lights can be aimed at artwork, countertops, walls, or other room features as needed, making them infinitely useful if you like to change your furniture or artwork around from time to time. Go with white fixture heads to blend into a ceiling or make a statement with black or silver heads. Tracks are especially handy when a room has an existing electrical box in the ceiling yet needs additional light directed throughout the room. For example, install a track in an older kitchen or home office when you can replace an outdated ceiling light with a track that aims light right where you need it -- on work surfaces and into pantries or closets.

Get advice from an experienced electrical salesperson on what parts are needed for a track and accent lighting, including connectors, heads, tracks, and other parts. For some lighting ideas, visit:

With all factors considered, it is always a good idea to leave the installation of special lighting to experienced electrical professionals.

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