Do you have surge protection? Today, homes and offices are filled with sensitive electronics that are easily damaged by common power surges, spikes or voltage impulses. A lightning storm can deliver a high energy electrical surge that can enter a house or building and destroy appliances, televisions, stereo equipment, office equipment and other electrical products.

The cost of replacing electronic equipment from not having surge protection, in an average home is approximately $8,000. This figure can easily top $20,000 if the homeowner has a sophisticated entertainment system, or a home office. Do you need surge protection?

What causes power surges?

Lightning, problems with the utility company’s equipment, large appliances cycling power on and off, faulty wiring, and downed power lines are just a few things that cause power surges.

Lights Out Electric recommends that to fully protect your investment, consider a 2-stage approach to Surge Protection.

Stage 1 - Primary Protection for Service Entrance.

Stage 2 - Secondary Protection at Point of Use.

By installing 2 stages of surge protection, your electronic equipment can be protected from most power surges, spikes and voltage impulses that are common everyday.

Do not under estimate an unchecked high voltage surge than can wipe out your investment instantly, or the smaller everday surges that can degrade the electronic components in your home or office slowly over time. Call Lights Out Electric today for an evaluation of your surge protection requirements.

Ask us how we can help with your surge protection needs.