Ground Fault Interupter (GFI)

You need to protect your family by making sure ground fault protection is installed in at-risk areas of your home.

What to know

Ground fault interrupters are designed to protect from electrical shock by interrupting a household circuit when there is a difference in the currents in the "hot" and neutral wires. Ground fault interrupters will shut off dangerous electrical circuits. The GFI is designed to detect currents of a few milliamperes and trip a breaker at the receptacle or at the breaker panel to remove the shock hazard.

Electrical ground fault circuit interrupters protect you from electrocution in your home or office, by detecting faulty electrical leakage.

Ground fault circuit interrupters are required by the electrical code for receptacles in bathrooms, some kitchen receptacles, some outside receptacles, and receptacles near swimming pools (areas that may be subject to water or excessive moisture). The horror story scenarios which led to these code requirements are things like dropping a hair dryer or a portable radio into a bathtub with a person, causing electrocution.

Installation, repair and maintenance of ground fault circuit interrupters may include: GFIs installed on your electrical panel box as well as GFIs installed on your outlets or receptacles

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